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Welcome to Fitstop Models

Fit Room Facilitators

Professional London Based Fit Models

Fitstop Models
Fitstop Models
Fitstop Models
Fitstop Models
Fitstop Models

Fitstop Models Services

A Personalised Approach

Fitstop Models

Fit Models

Fitstop Models

E Comm Models

Fitstop Models

Showroom Models

Booking Management

Designated booking manager with an array of quality fit models at their disposal to meet the needs of the busiest fit rooms across the country.

Fast Cover Response

24/7 contact to deal with those unplanned changes.

Cover models readily available to step in when you need them.

It's not a case of if problems will occur,

but how fast and efficiently problems are dealt with.

Bespoke Castings

When a model isn’t available from our existing pool that works for your requirements, our casting professionals will go to work on creating a bespoke casting for you.

Assessing over 1000 candidates, they will do the legwork to create a selection for you to find the right candidate for your role.  

Fitstop Models
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.
- John Lennon - 
“Let us take care of the other plans”.
- Fitstop Models -
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